Zone management

Bewaken van gezoneerde industrieterreinen



Monitoring zoned industrial areas

The Netherlands uses different noise zones for a couple of reasons. These were created, among other things to protect noise-sensitive areas against noise zones. This concerns for example schools, hospitals and residential areas. Zone management is literally about managing noise zones. Industrial estates are a regular source of noise nuisance. That is why are usually included in a zone to which certain noise regulations apply. Companies may therefore not exceed the permitted noise levels. The government monitors this by means of zone management. The KGI-Groep is a specialised party in this field. We can, for example, determine whether the noise levels of your company don’t exceed the regulations. If they do, we may be able to take care of that. Don’t hesitate to contact us, free of obligations. 

Zone management industrial noise

With special modules authorities can manage the noise areas of industrial estates. This is done to prevent industrial noise. The guidelines that are used for this are laid down in the ‘Noise Nuisance Act’. The competent authority assesses the total noise exposure of all companies on a zoned industrial site. Most attention is paid to the 24-hour value of 50 dB(A) and the highest permissible noise exposure in noise-sensitive places in the zone, such as houses and schools. KGI advises to take the applicable noise regulations seriously. The regulations have to protect the environment. In addition, your company doesn’t want to deal with reprimands from the government. KGI is more than willing to tell you more about this subject, can carry out noise pollution inspections and ensure that you comply with these regulations.

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