Noise nuisance catering

Nightlife areas are increasingly characterized by the presence of many terraces. Not only in summer, but also in other seasons, due to ‘heaters’. Many people are attracted by them, except for neighbours of these establishments. They are hindered by the catering industry nuisance from buzz and music until late in the evening. Some establishments even invite big bands, that produce many decibels. It results into annoying neighbours, while people often don’t think about them. The KGI-Groep offers numerous solutions to solve these kinds of unpleasant situations. 

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Noise nuisance catering rules

Catering-establishments are often located in the ‘cosy city center’. Usually in picturesque neighbourhoods, that attract a large number of visitors. Together, these catering establishments produce a lot of noise. That is why the government devised rules that some municipalities mention online as ‘noise nuisance catering rules’. These rules are useful, because often many people live in the nightlife area. They are entitled to a pleasant living environment as well. Probably, not all establishments will adhere to the noise standards. That is why, it is useful to report noise nuisance from the catering industry to police or municipality. In addition, a better sound insulation may help. The KGI-Groep has specialized in this field and is more tthan willing to think along. We can also tell you more about the rules for noise nuisance.

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