Sound insulation ceiling

Sound insulation ceiling

Sound insulation prevents noise nuisance from below or above the ceiling. Insulation solutions come in many shapes and sizes. They vary in quality, effectiveness and also in price. You don’t want to incur unnecessary costs, but of course you do want the best solution. KGI is a renowned partner in the field of sound insulation. We are happy to tell you more about the different materials, techniques and about the best ceiling insulation for your specific situation. Do you want to arrange it perfectly in one go? Don’t hesitate to contact the ceiling insulation-specialist, KGI-Groep. 

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Sound insulation ceiling upstairs neighbours 

It is a problem that often negatively influences living conditions: Noise nuisance caused by neighbours. It can even create tension. Depending on the situation, ceiling sound insulation can offer a solution. KGI can apply sound insulation to a wooden ceiling, but also to any other type. We make use of the best techniques and materials in this field. As a result, the insulation applied by us, lasts for a longer period of time and works better. The different forms of soundproofing a ceiling vary in price. We choose the best possible solution for your budget. 

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