Noise nuisance music

Music is a major source of noise nuisance. Neighbours, but also surrounding catering establishments can produce many decibels. They regularly invite big bands, whose sound can be heard for miles around. Furthermore, the number of music festivals is still increasing. The most attractive locations for this are often the residential areas of citizens. Municipalities continue to grant permits for this, so residence are forced to adapt. KGI provides solutions which considerably reduce noise nuisance caused by music.

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Noise nuisance neighbours music during the day

Noise nuisance caused by music is always annoying. It is known, that many municipalities take 10.00 pm as a guideline. From 10.00 pm it must be quiet in the neighbourhood. However, loud music can also cause nuisance during the day. Neighbourhood party and noise nuisance often go hand in hand. And increasingly already start in the afternoon. The first thing you can do, is have a conversation with your neighbour(s). If the nuisance is structural, other options can be considered. KGI is more than willing to assist you. Feel free to contact us, free of obligations. 

Noise nuisance music neighbours

Unfortunately, noise nuisance caused by neighbours doesn’t only take place during parties. Some neighbours like to regularly play loud music, which leads to a lot of irritation. Producing decibels has a limit. There are municipalities that inform their residents on their website about it. It is known as ‘sound nuisance music rules’. Custom sound insulation can also offer a solution to this problem. It may be possible that your house is insufficiently insulated. The KGI-Groep helps you to create a good protection against nuisance caused by music but also against other forms of noise nuisance. Living conditions at home can therefore drastically improve. 

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