Noise nuisance inspection; Noise measurement

Objective noise measurement

In our densely populated society, noise nuisance is a recurring problem. Many private individuals suffer from noise nuisance, but entrepreneurs can also struggle with it. Noise nuisance is a subjective concept, but a noise nuisance inspection can give a clear and objective noise measurement, that forms the basis for effective measures. Whether you run a factory or a catering establishment, a noise measurement is essential to ensure you (the entrepreneur) meet all rules regarding noise. A noise nuisance inspection if often necessary in order to grant permission for both construction and exploitation of your company. A noise measurement may also be necessary if there are complaints noise nuisance. The Kenniscentrum Geluidsisolatie (KGI-Groep) has in-house expertise for a noise nuisance inspection and can assist you with this.

Customized noise measurement

Practically everyone who runs a company, will sooner or later have to deal with noise nuisance. If it concerns new construction or renovation, the experts of the KGI-Groep can help you with a noise nuisance inspection, so that you can take measures in time to avoid a delay. If you work in the catering- or event sector, a noise measurement- or calculation can be useful to limit the noise nuisance for the environment. In addition to a reliable noise nuisance inspection, the KGI-Groep can also advise you on and assist in noise-reducing measures. Based on a noise measurement, for example sound limiters can be installed, but there are also many possibilities in the field of sound-proof construction materials and/or sound insulation.

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