Vibration measurements

You can register vibrations by means of measurements. Vibrations can lead to a lot of nuisance. For this reason, the maximum amount that may occur is subject to a maximum. A measurement allows you to determine, whether the vibrations exceed this maximum amount. If this is the case, action may be taken. Most measurements are made in a number of more common situations, for examples with machines, traffic, earthquakes and pile-driving. It is important, that the measurement of vibrations is done as precisely as possible. Too much of it can have serious consequences. That is why you can better leave this to a specialist such as KGI.

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Vibration meter

A vibration meter is for example used in construction or when driving piles for a foundation. For whatever reason you want to measure your vibrations, you want it to be done with the utmost precision. KGI knows how to do this. Signalling a too high vibration level can be of great importance. After all, too much vibrations can cause damage, with potentially serious consequences. A vibration meter is a common phenomenon in buildings. Leave the vibration measurement to an expert, such as KGI. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Vibration meter pile-driving

Pile driving leads to a lot of vibrations. They can sometimes even cause damage. A vibration meter allows you to measure the its strength. You can determine whether it exceeds the standards. If so, you should consider taking measures. Vibration measurements are also performed at pumps, that generate a lot of vibrations. KGI has already assisted numerous parties in these kinds of cases. We are happy to solve the nuisance caused by vibrations. After all, it is something you should take seriously, because too much vibration can cause a lot. 

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