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Noise nuisance can seriously affect your well-being and is often a major cause of neighbour’s quarrels. Do you have night shifts and want to be able to sleep undisturbed during the day? Are you tired of traffic noise or noise from visitors to pubs and bars? Are you tired of taking your neighbours into account any longer when exercising your musical hobby?There are many possible solutions.

KGI-Groep is more than willing to visit you, check the situation, listen to you and offer a custom solution.

Online conversation with an acoustic consultant

You have bought a house, but there is a lot of noise nuisance from neighbours or the environment. Or you cause noise nuisance, but you don’t agree with this at all. Just a couple of examples. Our online advise service gives you half an hour to discuss all your sound problems and to ask questions. We can tell you exactly what to take into account, but also how we can help you.

Our acoustic consultant will call you back the next day. In the meantime we have already looked at your situation and selected the best acoustic consultant. You can ask him all your questions. You will get a straight answer and advise on your situation. Now, you will know exactly where you stand and what’s the best thing you can do.

This online service has a fixed amount of € 69,-. We call it a payment per solution. You determine, whether you want to make use of this service. You are not committed to anything!

Why hiring an acoustic consultant?

This advice service can only be ordered online, where you indicate your situation. We then choose the acoustic consultant who can best answer your
questions. Easy, right?

  • Sparring with an experienced acoustic consultant who is specialized in your situation
  • Straight answer to your most important questions
  • Asking questions, free of obligations
  • Evaluation of your situation
  • Insight into your opportunities
  • Advice on what to do next
  • Order today, contact within 24 hours

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