Advice regarding conversion permit/house sharing

Informed or engage an expert. Renting out rooms is increasingly subject to more rules, which makes it complicated. The first question is, whether a conversion permit is required. If the answer is affirmative, an application is not enough. A conversion permit is also required. There are more things that are important if you want to start renting our rooms. KGI guides (new) landlords. We are specialized and experienced in this field and in contacting the government.

Conversion permit Amsterdam

In the Netherlands municipalities apply different rules when it comes to conditions concerning conversion permits. Some don’t promote room rental, while others want to make it as easy as possible. For example, Amsterdam relaxed the rules for the socalled ‘room-based rental’. Since 2020 there are still a couple of important rules. The common area must for example be at least 11m2 and 3 meters wide. Furthermore, there are among other things requirements in the field of fire safety. It is recommendable to engage help in obtaining a conversion permit in Amsterdam. KGI is happy to assist landlords. In this way they don’t overlook anything and the process      runs more smoothly. 

Conversion permit Utrecht

Like every Dutch municipality, Utrecht also has its own policy in the field of room rental. This city prescribes at least 18m2  usable area per resident. This doesn’t mean that every room must has to bet his big, it concerns the entire house. In addition, Utrecht checks whether the room rental is appropriate in the area in question. One of the criteria is that not many other conversion permits have already been issued in this area. This is to prevent any inconvenience. It is wise to not to go too fast when applying a conversion permit. KGI is more than willing to assist. We ensure that landlords meet all rules and don’t overlook a thing.

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