Air conditioning cabinet

Air conditioning cabinet

Air conditioners are the solution to cool down on hot summer days. The fresh air, they produce, is very welcome on the hottest days of the year. However, this system also has disadvantages. For example, some people believe they spoil the appearance of their home. In addition, the noise they produce is a negative side effect. A cabinet for your air conditioning solves both drawbacks. The KGI-Groep offers an extensive choice of these types of aids. Our air conditioning cabinets excel in appearance and in  their sound-absorbing effect. 

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Airco conditioning outdoor unit cabinet

Hiding an air conditioner in a cabinet is a good idea for several reasons. Such a housing not only looks nicer, but is also a good solution against noise nuisance. After all, air conditioning systems generate quite a bit of noise and sometimes even lead to annoyance of local residents. Especially, if they hang outside. Although new air conditioners become quieter, you are still doing your environment a favour with a cabinet for your air conditioner. The KGI-Groep can help you to find the best possible cabinet for you. One that best suits the style of your house and also excels in its sound-damping qualities. 

Silent air conditioning cabinets

The special silent air conditioning cabinets from KGI have numerous advantages. Our cabinets combine the most beautiful appearance with the most effective sound-damping effects. You beautify your house and also do yourself and your environment a favour because of the peace they bring. In this way, you mainly benefit from the advantages of your air conditioner and you have a solution against the additional noise pollution. Of course, KGI offers a wide range of air conditioning cabinets. You can choose the housing that best suits you and your situation. Inquire about the possibilities, free of obligations.

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