Annoying forms of reverberation occur in many places. Everybody recognizes the reverberation in churches, but also in corridors and stairwells. Perhaps the most disturbing is the reverberation in a living room. This makes conversations more difficult to follow, or can amplify their sound. Listening to music is also less pleasant in a room in which it is reflected. In short, acoustics are a not insignificant factor in creating a pleasant living environment. The KGI-Groep offers numerous options to improve acoustics in your home.

What is reverberation

Reverberation is caused when sound reflects on hard and smooth surfaces. Laminate floors are beautiful, but can contribute to this, for example. The same goes for stone walls. Many modern concert halls have been designed to be functional and easy to clean. These aspects are often at the expense of acoustics and sometimes result in reverberation. Modern construction styles and interiors can go hand in hand with good acoustics. This often requires specialist knowledge, because the solution is not always easy to find. KGI is an expert in reverberation reduction. 

Reducing reverberation

It is certainly possible to reduce reverberation. Numerous acoustic solution scan be devised. Absorbing the annoying noise is one of the magic words. For example, this can be done with acoustic walls and posts, but also with acoustic ceilings. KGI is more than willing to draw up a plan which can considerably reduce the reverberation in your desired room. Our strategy? We look for the source of the nuisance and we look at the remedies. In order to obtain objective information, we first carry out a careful noise nuisance inspection. Acoustic solutions do not necessarily have to be at the expense of appearance. There are even sound-absorbing paintings that don’t only improve a room acoustically. 

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