Traffic noise

Many companies establish themselves near busy arterial roads and railway stations. The big advantage is the good accessibility. The disadvantage is the presence of a large number of decibels regarding ambient noise. Our brains register this noise unnoticed throughout the entire day, which costs a lot of energy. Therefore, many companies and private persons choose noise insulation that blocks noise. The KGI-groep has specialized in solutions against undesired ambient noise. We are more than willing to think along with you about a soundproofing remedy for the specific situation of your company or house.

Traffic noise garden

Sound insulation often focuses on the indoor living conditions, which means reducing traffic nuisance by installing sound-proof material. In summer, people live outside more and want to sit in and enjoy their garden. Unfortunately some of them are prevented by doing this due to the presence of traffic noise. KGI enables people to enjoy their garden, although they are living near arterial roads. It brings them a lot of extra joie de vivre to welcome guests during warm summer evenings. KGI is more than willing to think along.

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Traffic noise standard

Unfortunately, the noise standard for traffic noise is often exceeded, either structural or recurring due to certain passing vehicles. Noisy motorbikes are a good example of this. The government has set strict noise standards for these vehicles, but it is very difficult to enforce them. Some motorcyclists illegally remove their mufflers. As long as such things continue to happen, it is unfortunately possible to adapt to the situation. In such cases the KGI-Groep thinks along with you. We have numerous solutions to ensure that you are significantly less bothered by traffic noise or not at all.

Traffic noise at home

Traffic noise and houses, unfortunately too often a combination. Because parcels are scarce, many residential areas are built near busy roads. This leads, which is understandable, to annoyance and stress. Traffic can produce many decibels of noise on a regular basis. With a noise measurement in the house, these decibels can be very high. Unnoticed, this costs a lot of energy for those who are exposed to it. There are several solutions for this. The KGI-Groep has specialized in this and improved the living situation of many people. In certain cases, the ‘subsidy scheme for the remediation of traffic noise’ may be applicable.

Reduce traffic noise

KGI-Groep has numerous in-house options to reduce traffic noise. On behalf of the government we also install noise barriers along the roads. We are more than willing to visit you and look for the best possible solution for your specific situation. Sometimes, a simple intervention is already sufficient. There is no need to stand by and watch. Traffic noise nuisance is a common phenomenon, especially in the Netherlands, where many houses are located near busy arterial roads. KGI has specialized in reducing such nuisance. Interventions to reduce sound pressure, usually have an immediate effect. They significantly improve the living conditions of the residents involved. This results into a more general sense of well-being.

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