Low frequency noise

People are increasingly affected by low-frequency noise: low-pitched sound. One of the problems is that this noise is often undetectable. This is only possible at high volumes and only by feeling it: as pressure on your ears or in the form of vibrations. It is almost possible to escape from low frequency noise; almost every sound source produces it. It is also a common phenomenon in nature. The wind produces this form of noise, just like thunderstorms, the sea and waves. Most difficulties are reported around techniques invented and used to mankind. 

Solution low-frequency noise

It is not always easy to come up with a solution against low-frequency noise. High frequency are easier to block by means of insulation. Even building a bunker would not be enough to deal with this noise. With such a construction, it can still penetrate through the ground in the form of vibrations. Insulating against low frequency noise is therefore usually not recommended. The neighbours might cause it. In this case and in other situations, KGI can assist. Feel free to contact us, free of obligations. 

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Detecting low-frequency noise

The source of low-frequency noise can be traced by means of measurements. It can be caused by equipment from neighbours, such as central heating boilers or heat pumps. Wind turbines or many forms of traffic can also be the cause. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to find the origin. A wave of low-frequency noise can have a range of up to 50 kilometers. So, remote industry may also be the source. KIG is a specialist and renowned partner in this field. 

Low-frequency noise nuisance

Prolonged exposure to low-frequency noise can cause significant health problems. Until now, only little research has been done, but there are signs that a large part of the population suffers from it. Sleeping problems are a common symptom, just like fatigue, headache and tightness of the chest. Many people also suffer physically from low-frequency noise. It can lead to severe complaints such as burn-out and depression. The social consequences of this nuisance are therefore significant. If you believe, that  you suffer from low-frequency noise, it is advisable to call in an expert. The KGI-Groep has specialised in this field. Feel free to contact us, free of obligations. 

Low-frequency sound measurement

Low-frequency sound is often undetectable. As a result, people who suffer from it often encounter misunderstanding. In such cases a measurement can be a solution. It allows you to conclusively determine the presence of low-frequency sound. It is advisable to call in professional help for this. After all, measuring sound is a complex matter. The KGI-Groep is a specialist in performing these types of measurement. It is therefore also possible to detect the source of low frequencies. It will bring you closer to a possible solution, so that annoying complaints can disappear. 

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