Sound insulating housing

Sound insulating housing

Unfortunately, machines produce noise, for example low frequency sound. This can lead to nuisance. For example for employees and local residents. Sound insulating housing is a commonly used means to reduce this form of nuisance. KGI-Groep offers this in the highest possible quality, with the best effect as a result. There are numerous ways in which we can apply this technique to you. Depending on your wishes and specific situation, we apply the best sound insulating housing for your workplace or home. I can reduce the nuisance of all kinds of devices, such as: gas and diesel engines, saws and heat pumps. 

Sound insulating housing heat pump

Heat pumps are seen as a sustainable energy source. It is one of the solutions that will have to provide homes with heat in the future. Unfortunately, the current generation of heat pumps generate a lot of noise. It has already often led to nuisance for local residents. Fortunately, there are solutions to solve this annoying side effect. Sound insulating housing is perhaps the most proven method for this. This will  bring peace in residential districts and irritation about noise pollution will disappear. If you opt for housing, you want to do it right. The KGI-Groep is experienced in applying this technique. This allows us to guarantee success in the form of noise reduction. 

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