Sound insulation floor

Sound insulation floor

The best way to insulate a floor, depends first of all on the type of floor. With a concrete surface you mainly use other materials than with a wooden one. Thin foam mats are often chosen for the first floor type, mineral wool for the others. On the other side, the best choice also depends on the situation. Placing it properly is craftsmanship and you would like to leave this to a specialist such as KGI. Together with you we will find the best choice in the field of floor insulation.

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Sound insulation wooden floor

More and more people choose a wooden floor, often because of the beautiful appearance and because it is easy to keep it clean. From an acoustic point of view wood has some disadvantages. A common problem is the so-called ‘soundboard effect’ it can cause. Fortunately there are many ways to solve this. KGI is a specialist in combating these types of noise nuisance. Make sure that you don’t incur unnecessary costs for your sound insulation. By engaging us you prevent this. For the sound insulation of your wooden floor in the attic, on the upper floor or in the living room, we use glass wool for example. Of course we only use the very best materials. 

Sound insulation floor apartment

You can prevent noise nuisance caused by an apartment floor with sound insulation. Unfortunately, noise nuisance is ‘normal’ in residential complexes. Smooth floors have numerous practical and aesthetic advantages, but they often contribute to this phenomenon. Fortunately, there are many remedies to prevent noise nuisance. KIG is an expert in this field and is happy to assist you to get rid of this annoying nuisance. This allows us to drastically improve your living conditions. In the field of floor sound insulation, we offer the best techniques. If you choose KGI, you choose a sustainable, high-quality acoustic solution. 

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