Noise nuisance airco-conditioning neighbours

Do you experience nuisance of an airco in your apartment or house? This can lead to frustration and even insomnia. Before April 1st 2021, the government didn’t set noise requirements for air-conditioning systems. This enabled manufacturers to supply these systems without having to consider the consequences for local residents. As a result, the cheaper and older devices in particular cause a lot of noise. If you are bothered by the neighbours’air-conditioning, there is a good chance that it doesn’t meet the new requirements. You could discuss this with them. However, be careful. It is wise to call in professional help. KGI is more than willing to assist you in nuisance caused by air-conditioners. 

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Noise nuisance airco legislation

New air-conditioners may nog produce unlimited noise anymore. Since April 2021 rules have been set to new systems. This legislation means, among other things, that air-conditioners may not produce more than 40 db. This is a godsend for many citizens,  because these devices often caused nuisance. The rules are also intended to stimulate manufacturers to produce quieter systems. This new regulation gives consumers and companies a tool to tackle noise nuisance. Municipalities can also enforce compliance. In specific cases insulation can be a solution. In these cases it is wise to call in help. The KGI-Groep is an experienced adviser in this field.

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