Soundproof glass



Soundproof glass

KGI is a renowned specialist in the field of soundproof glass. We offer various types. Depending on the circumstances we provide advice. In your specific situation, soundproof triple glass may be the best option, or hr++ soundproof glass. In addition soundproofing double glazing  is a commonly used type. In any case, each of these choices will reduce noise nuisance. KGI is happy to assist you in finding the best soundproof glass for your house or business property. Feel free to contact us, free of obligations. 

Soundproof glass experiences

Everyone with the best sound-proof glass knows it: it brings a lot of peace to the house. When it is quiet, it seems normal, but it often isn’t. In many places people experience noise, for example from traffic. Our brains register this unnoticed throughout the day and that costs a lot of energy. This doesn’t have to be the case. Customers of KGI soundproof glass can tell you that this brings a soothing peace of mind. We are more than willing to tell you more about the advantages and the experiences of owners of soundproof glass. Don’t hesitate to contact us, free of obligations. 

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Have soundproof glass installed

Installing soundproof glass is easy for a specialist like KGI. We can install it in less than no time, so that it doesn’t bother you. It is not a time-consuming matter. Together with you, we look at the best possible choice in your specific situation. This can be, for example soundproof h++ glass or soundproof double glazing. Whatever your choice may be, it will definitely bring peace. Feel free to contact us to put an end to the noise pollution. 

Price of soundproof glass

The different types of soundproof glass vary in price. If you opt for sound-insulating glass or secondary glazing, both have a different price. The same applies to all other types of glass. It is wise to inquire with the KGI-Groep about what is the most interesting option for you in terms of soundproof glass. Taking your budget into account, we start looking for the best options. An investment in the best soundproof glass of KGI, is an investment in peace and therefore more joie de vie. At home, at work or elsewhere. 

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