Despite of more than 25 years of central regulation, noise nuisance has increased steadily in the last decades. Cause: more mobility thanks to more economic growth and a larger built-on area for houses. Fortunately, the theme ‘noise nuisance’ is now clearly on the agenda at the municipal and provincial government.

Solutions for noise nuisance in house-construction

Noise is an important environmental aspect for the development of residential and work areas. Urban planners are increasingly convinced of the fact that sound expertise should be used to improve the quality of living. Municipal noise policy plans and provincial environmental quality profiles play a guiding role. Architects and acoustic experts must cooperate to find solutions within the limits of the Noise Pollution Act. In praxis, however, it turns out that the parties involved often have too little knowledge and poor coordination when it comes to sound insulation, which doesn’t benefit the final result. The KGI-Groep has certified professionals for the different disciplines. They have all been trained at our own KGI-academy. If you call us in, we can guarantee that your construction project meets the requirements in the field of noise.

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