Noise nuicance floor

The type of floor of a building determines the amount of noise nuisance it causes. A A PVC floor, but also a wooden surface can amplify the sound of footsteps. Problems arise if this is clearly audible to the neighbours. It is annoying, if peace is disturbed, for example by the sound of stiletto heels. Floor insulation is a possible solution to reduce the problem. KGI understands how annoying this is and can carry out a noise nuisance inspection for you. We map out the situation for you and look for improvements. 

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Noise nuisance floor upstairs neighbours

Many houses have a smooth floor surface, for example made of wood or PVC. The advantages are obvious: it is easy to clean and often looks nice. A disadvantage is the noise nuisance it can produce. Depending on the footwear, footsteps can cause nuisance to downstairs neighbours. This often leads to irritation, something you don’t want in your personal environment. If the apartment complex is not well insulated, this sound can be heard even more clearly. KGI-Groep is more than willing to think along with you about a solution. We can carry out a noise nuisance inspection for you to map out the nuisance. 

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