Sound insulation wall

Sound insulation wall

Nowadays, noise nuisance is an important irritation factor. People are living closer to each other, resulting into certain forms of nuisance. When you suffer from noise nuisance, the word ‘sound insulation’ comes up soon. Indeed, insulating walls can be a good remedy. However, the question is, whether this is the best solution for you. If that is the case, you would prefer to leave the application of the wall insulation to a specialist such as KGI. We check whether insulating will have the desired effect and if so, we do it perfectly in one go. This way you save yourself the annoyance of making common mistakes. 

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Best soundproof wall

KGI-Groep can help you with the best possible sound insulation for your wall. Wall sound insulation is a task for specialists. You prefer to do this right and choose a solution that lasts for years. We have the most advanced techniques in this field. You achieve a lot when we supply sound insulation to a concrete wall or an interior wall. Which method we use depends, for example, on the type of wall. Based on this, we determine which material has the best and most effect. Don’t hesitate any longer and put an end to noise nuisance. Feel free to contact the KGI-Groep, free of obligations. 

Sound insulation windows

It is certainly possible to apply sound insulation to existing windows. KGI offers the best choice. In addition, we also offer soundproof glazing. It also saves energy. Windows are often a weak spot in the insulation of a house. It allows annoying noise to penetrate, which irritates the residents. Installing sound insulation is a wise investment in several ways. After all, sound insulation and energy saving to hand in hand. However, it is important that the sound insulation of the windows is carefully applied. KGI-Groep is a leading specialist in this field. 

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