KGI Quality mark

The quality of sound insulation doesn’t only depend on the used materials but also on the people who install the sound insulation. Thanks to the Quality Mark Sound Insulation, it is immediately clear whether a product or service meets the requirements. 

The words quality mark and certificate are often used interchangeably. Originally, a certificate is the paper on which the certification authority declares that a product/service meets the requirements. This certificate gives the right to use the quality mark on or with the product/service. The process of granting quality marks is also known as certification. The term quality mark is just as useful for this, especially if the acknowledged companies are allowed to use a quality mark logo. 

The products/services with a KGI quality mark are regularly checked and complaints are assessed and handled by an independent complaints committee. 

KGI Quality mark

What is the use of a Quality Mark Sound Insulation?

A Quality Mark Sound Insulation is useful for both the consumer (buyer) and the manufacturer of the product/service. The quality mark assists the consumer in making a purchase. This is especially useful if the consumer is unsure and a possible bad bargain could lead to considerable damage such as, for example, an incorrect assembly of the products. 

Thanks to the assessment that precedes prior the granting of the quality mark, the manufacturer knows whether his product/service meets the requirements and which areas require further improvement. 

The quality marks can be classified in different ways

Type: Total Quality Mark or Partial Quality Mark
Management: drawing up requirements, carrying out inspections etc.
Granted to: product / service or company

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