Noise nuisance

Noise nuisance comes in many types and degrees. Traffic, but also neighbours are a major source of noise nuisance. Depending on the nature of the nuisance, solution scan be devised. In some cases insulation is advisable, in other situations it is advisable to have a conversation with the person who caused it. If you want to know the best possible solution in your situation, you should contact a specialist such as KGI. 

Reporting noise nuisance

Many people live in densely populated areas. That demands something from everyone. It is therefore advisable to give each other some space. It is not always the best option to report the noise nuisance. This can lead to unnecessary tension in the neighbourhood. If noise nuisance occurs more often, it may be useful to report it. There are three authorities you can turn to: the municipality, the police or a neighbourhood mediator. They check the situation and advise on what steps to take. 

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Noise nuisance hours

It is not allowed to cause continuous noise nuisance. Depending on the situation there are regulations for when and how long the nuisance may continue. For residential areas, many municipalities have determined that it must be quiet as from 10.00 pm. There are other regulations for construction noise. Officially, this is allowed until 07.00 pm for six days in a week. On Sunday, construction noise is not allowed. There are even more regulations that you should take into account or remind others of. 

The KGI-Groep has specialized in solutions for noise nuisance and can tell you more about it. 

Fine for noise nuisance

Sometimes, a fine can be imposed on the person who caused the noise nuisance. This is usually not the first step. The first step is to give a warming. In case of extreme noise nuisance the police can make a report of the offence and then impose a fine. If non-extreme noise nuisance continues to occur, the sound equipment can also be confiscated. Then, judiciary can also proceed to impose a fine. It also determines the amount. 

Noise nuisance party

It is a major irritation factor: Noise neighbourhood parties. For many people, they disturb the peace on beautiful summer evenings, but they also take place in winter. It depends on the situation, what  you can do against it. Often, the first step is to talk with the people who cause the nuisance. If the police immediately shows up, it can seem intimidating. It will definitely not improve future relationships. Sometimes, it can be useful to report it, especially if noise parties are often organized. It is wise to contact a noise nuisance specialist such as KGI-Groep. 

Noise nuisance decibel

The government has set a limit to the amount of noise nuisance that can be heard in private homes. These noise limits are indicated in decibels. It is based on averages. During the day, the limit is between 50 and 70 dB(A). Less noise may be produced in the evening. If you are dealing with noise nuisance, it is wises to get good advice. The KGI-Groep is a renowned specialist in that field. 


Noise nuisance rules

It is certainly not allowed to cause noise nuisance indefinitely. Rules have been drawn up for this, to tell you what is allowed in each situation. Because noise nuisance can strongly influence the well-being of people, the limits for indoors and in residential areas have been drawn up more sharply. Sometimes, there are exceptional situations, such as for example the temporary nuisance caused by a road construction. Because of all these regulations, many people can’t see the wood for the trees anymore. It is therefore advisable to contact a specialist as the KGI-Groep if you are suffering from noise nuisance. 

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