Sound limiter

Sound limiter

A sound limiter is a device you can use to prevent noise nuisance. It intervenes if the sound level becomes tool oud and can cause nuisance in the environment. For some, limitation is has a negative undertone. It reminds them of annoying imposed rules and patronizing. This doesn’t alter the fact that a limiter protects people against loud noise for example, and thus reduces the risk of hearing loss. In addition, contact with local residents will improve if the nuisance decreases. The KGI Groep can assist you in choosing the best possible sound limiter for you. We can supply a lot of information regarding sound limiters.

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Sound limiter catering industry

Many municipalities impose a maximum on the permitted height of noise levels. The catering industry is therefore often tackled and forced to install a sound limiter for music. There is often a lot of dissatisfaction about it. However, sound limitation of the music system can also improve the experience of guests. That meets the hospitable nature of catering people. There are many types of sound limiters available with different effects. Some of them don’t intervene in the most beautiful way. The KGI-Groep knows what device works best for you. We ensure that you mainly deal with the advantages of a sound limiter. 

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