Delivery soundproofing material

The KGI-Groep is the specialist in delivering soundproofing material. We are known at home and abroad for our high-quality soundproofing solutions.  It is our goal to create peace in places where it was previously lacking. We achieve this with a wide range of  options. Sometimes soundproofing panels are the solution, sometimes soundproofing sheet material. In addition for example a soundproof housing for your heat pump. Of course this is just a selection from our offer. It is important that we choose the most suitable solution for your situation together, so that we can fully meet your specific wishes. Delivery of the highest quality is our priority. KGI takes care of the installation of soundproofing material from A to Z. Feel free to contact us fort he possibilities. 

Soundproof glass

KGI is a renowned expert in the field of soundproof glass. We offer different types and advise a choice depending on the circumstances. Soundproof triple glass can be the best option in your situation, or soundproof hr++ glass. In addition, soundproof double glazing is a commonly used type. In any case, each of these choices will help against noise nuisance. Together with you, the KGI-Group will look for the best soundproof glass for your house or business property. Feel free to contact us. 

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Soundproof insulation

Installing soundproofing insulation is craftsmanship. You want this to be done with the utmost care to achieve the maximum result. After all, you will benefit from this permanently. KGI is a leading partner in the field of sound insulation. We insulate your house or business property in the best possible way. First of all, we make an inventory of your situation to offer the best solution. This can, for example, be a choice for sound insulation in the wall, sound insulation for a floor or ceiling insulation. You will be amazed by the peace our soundproofing solutions bring about. 

Soundproofing sheets

KGI-Groep has a large assortment of soundproofing sheets. Our strength is that we choose the best possible option for your situation and arrange everything from start to finish. In this way we can install the desired soundproofing sheets in less than no time. Sound insulating sheet material is a proven means in the world of sound insulation. We mount the chosen sheets against the desired construction part. Our sheet material is not thick, so it takes up little space, but it does achieve the greatest possible sound density. KGI only works with high-quality material. 

Soundproof doors

When they think of soundproof doors, many don’t immediately think of sound insulation, although this can  be an effective solution against nuisance. Doors are often neglected in terms of soundproofing, which leads to shortcomings in the overall insulation. That is why KGI also pays attention to the doors. Our soundproof doors block a lot of noise and look great. Hardly anyone will see that soundproofing solutions have been used, but you do benefit from them. KGI can install them without you having to worry about it.

Soundproof roll-down shutters

The presence of soundproof roll-down shutters can be the difference between a perfect sound insulation and one with shortcomings. Roll-down shutters with a sound-insulating effect can, for example, be a simpler solution than the purchase of insulating windows. In addition, they are often used in bedrooms, to increase the degree of rest. They also keep out the cold, which results into lower heating costs. Discover what soundproof roll-down shutters can do for you. Feel free to contact the KGI Groep about the possibilities. 

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