Acoustic measurement system

Acoustic measurement system

The KGI-Groep has the most advanaced acoustic measurement systems. Our inspectors are highly skilled in performing noise measurements. By means of a noise nuisance-inspection they make unequivocally clear what the source of the noise is and how to remedy any nuisance. The noise nuisance report is a start of the solution. Before you start combatting noise nuisance, you first want to know how you can best do this. KGI has many years of experience in this field. We work carefully and guarantee a reduction of noise nuisance. Would you like to measure the acoustics? Feel free to contact the KGI-Groep. 

What is acoustics?

The word ‘acoustics’ is often used. In short, it means: the science that researches sound. Sound is a result from vibrations that are usually displaced by the air. You regularly hear: ‘The acoustics are not good here’, or rather: ‘The acoustics in this room are excellent’. In this case one speaks of the influence a room has on sound. If the acoustic circumstances are not good, it is often noticed by the presence of reverberation. KGI provides advice about acoustics. We have numerous solutions to  improve the acoustics. 

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Improve acoustics

KGI-Groep knows how to improve your acoustics. We are a so-called ‘acoustic company’ that offers a wide range of solutions. Depending on the situation, we look for the best working method. Sometimes sound panels can be the most effective, sometimes an adjustment to smooth ceilings and floors can be very effective. We guarantee, that our acoustic solutions will lead to an improvement. First of all, we can measure your acoustics. After completing the adjustments, we will do this again, to measure the result. 

Measure acoustics

Do you want to have your acoustics measured? KGI is an expert partner in this field. We have already done this in countless places, to make an inventory of the relevant situations. Measuring acoustics in a house is one of the options, just like measuring acoustics at the office. Whatever the circumstances, KGI provides advice about what to do with the acoustics. We have a large range of acoustic solutions. For example, places of worship are places with a lot of reverberation. Church boards can therefore decide to have the acoustics of their church measured. Then, we take a look at the possibilities for improvement. 

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