Contact noise



Contact noise, almost everyone produces it throughout the day. Some examples: closing a door, typing on a keyboard and walking on a floor. These seem like harmless, everyday actions and they often are. However, they cause a problem when, for example, they take place in a noise apartment complex. Simply moving a chair can lead to irritation. There are solutions to reduce contact noise. KGI is more than willing to carry out a noise nuisance inspection for you, a first step in improving the situations. Contact noise can also be caused by new construction. The max. amount o of contact noise has been laid down in the Building Decree. Feel free to contact KGI, free of obligations, for more information. 

Contact noise near neighbours

It is probably the most annoying form of contact noise: noise produced by neighbours. It directly influences your personal well-being and may cause a lot of stress. You can dedicde to insulate your house against contact noise from neigihbours. Avoiding contact noise is another solution to combat the nuisance. You can talk about it with your neighbours. There is no need to throw in the towel. KGI is a specialist in solving contact noise. We are happy to carry out a noise nuisance inspection for you. It allows us, among other things, to calculate the volume of the contact noise. 

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Reducing contact noise

There is a solution against many forms of annoying noise nuisance. For example, you can reduce contact noise by insulating your ceiling. KGI offers a wide range of options to tackle the nuisance. Our first step is to carry out a careful noise nuisance inspection. It enables us to map out the contact noise and the remedies. The solution doesn’t need to be complex or expensive, but can considerably improve your overall sense of well-being at home. Feel free to contact the KGI-Groep free of obligations. 

Sound insulation contact noise

Sound insulation can reduce the nuisance caused by contact noise considerably. KGI is more than happy to visit you and make an inventory of the situation and come up with possible solutions. For example, you can reduce the volume of contact noise by insulating the ceiling. When your nearest neighbours cause the nuisance, it is possible to apply sound insulation in the walls. KGI takes due care when it comes to a solution. We carry out a noise nuisance inspection to find the source of the contact noise. Based on this inspection, we determine how we can remove it or greatly reduce it. 

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