Sound panels

Sound panels

There are numerous reasons to buy acoustic sound panels. A sound panel absorbs annoying noise and therefore contributes to the reduction of nuisance. This is often caused by reverberation and by the impact sounds of amplified by reverberation. Smooth floors, ceilings and walls look nice, but unfortunately contribute to this. By installing sound insulating panels you can greatly reduce or completely eliminate this form of nuisance. The KGI Groep supplies the highest quality products in this field. They are characterized by a high effectivity, in combination with an attractive appearance. The purchase of a sound panel doesn’t affect the appearance of the house. 

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Wall sound panels

A sound panel on the wall contributes to more peace in the house. You use it to dampen irritating noise and at the same time you beatify your home. KGI is known for its maximum effective acoustic panels, which are also designed to be part of stylistic home furnishings. In this way, no one needs to see that this sound-absorbing agent has been used to improve the acoustics in the house. Walls are a perfect place to apply a sound panel. In addition, ceilings and floors are suitable for this. The KGI-Groep is more than willing to investigate where this acoustic aid can offer a solution to you. 

Sound-insulating panels inside

Sound insulating panels are a good solution for better indoor acoustics. They absorb annoying noise that can cause irritation. In this way a sound panel contributes to an improvement of living conditions. Not only for you, but often also for the neighbours. Acoustic panels can be installed in different places in the house. Both on floors, walls and ceilings. The KGI-Groep is a specialist in applying this method. We know how to achieve the best effect in combating noise nuisance. Of course, we make use of the best products.

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