Quiet Room® Design & Build for soundproof hotel rooms

The Quiet Room® label, the world’s first and only quality mark for quieter comfort in the hotel rooms, experiences a rapidly growing interest. Hotels are increasingly responding to the demand of travellers for quiet hotel rooms and have their rooms inspected and certified. But because not all rooms meet the standards of the QR-label, the demand for sound insulation and renovation is also increasing. In response to this development the Kenniscentrum Geluidsisolatie (KGI), initiator of the QR-label, has developed the Quiet Room® Design & Build total concept in collaboration with its knowledge partners in the field of sound insulation. This turnkey package includes all required knowledge and soundproof measures to make hotel rooms quieter plus the certification of the QR-label. The turnkey solution for hotels that want to quickly and efficiently adapt their rooms to the new quiet trend.

QR- Quickscan inspection and soundproof measures

If the hotel has noisy rooms and wants to renovate it, the turnkey concept Quiet Room® Design & Build is the solution to draw attention to the quiet end result. First of all, a QR-Quickscan inspection is performed that determines the sound leaks in the room. Then, we will react with a first digital moodboard and concept proposal for approach and costs. After having performed the soundproof measures the room is tested and certified according to the QR label standards. Take a look at the video animation about the Quiet Room® Design & Build concept.

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