Construction noise

Many people are dealing with construction noise in their environment. For example, those who have come to live in a new neighbourhood area that is still under construction. Pile driving and noise caused by drilling are ‘normal’. Of course, construction noise also occurs in many other places. If your neighbours decide to renovate their house, it can often affect you for many  months. It may be that the noise nuisance in your environment goes against legislation. In that case you can do something about it. KGI has a lot of specialized knowledge in this field. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you. 

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Construction noise hours

Rules have been set regarding the max. amount of noise nuisance construction work. There are also rules regarding the hours at which construction work may take place. Construction- and demolition work may only take place from Monday to Saturday, between 07.00 am and 07.00 pm. Construction noise on Saturdays is therefore allowed. Another rule: the louder the construction noise, the shorter it may last. There are some exceptions to these rules. Sometimes an acoustic research into construction noise is advisable. Have an expert advise  you! The KGI-Groep can tell you whether and how you can act against construction noise. 

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