Soundproofing material

Soundproofing material

The offer of soundproofing material is very large. What is the best choice, depends on what you wish to achieve with the insulation material. Do you want to make a wall, a floor or a ceiling soundproof? You can use different materials for all those construction components. If you are having a new building built, you have the option to use soundproof construction materials. The perfect application of insulation is an art in itself and comes down to details. The KGI-Groep is a specialist in this field and knows best which sound material you should choose and how to achieve the greatest possible damping. 

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Outdoor soundproofing material 

Many people like to live in a place that is easily accessible and not too far from major roads. The same goes for companies. The disadvantage of this is that this choice sometimes entails noise nuisance. Sometimes, residents can hardly sit in their garden. Fortunately there are soundproofing materials that can remedy or greatly reduce the nuisance. KGI is more than willing to visit you to find the best possible solution for you. This can bring about large positive effects and even more happiness in life. Everyone benefits from an environment that is as peaceful as possible. The KGI-Groep knows how to realize this. 

Indoor soundproofing material

There are numerous soundproofing materials for indoor use on the market. Which one you should choose, mainly depends on what you would like to achieve. Do you suffer from reverberation in your home, installing sound panels is a possible solution. If you suffer from nuisance caused by your neighbours, you can consider ceiling- or wall insulation. However, it is difficult to give advice in advance about what soundproofing material you can best choose. It depends on your specific situation. It is recommendable to take sound insulation seriously and to leave it to an expert partner such as the KGI-Groep. 

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