Acoustic research for obtaining building permit

In order to obtain a permit, it is often required to have an acoustic research carried out. This gives you a complete picture of all environmental noises, such as low-frequency and impulsive sound. Its presence can have consequences and therefore it is advisable to carry out acoustic research in, for example, new buildings. The KGI-Groep is a specialist acoustic researcher. We measure all environmental noises with the greatest possible precision and clearly display the results afterwards. After all, a good report is extremely important to obtain building permit based on the acoustic research. Feel free to contact the KGI-Groep for more information. 

Acoustic research catering industry

There are different reasons for a catering establishment to have an acoustic research carried out. It can, for example, be required to obtain a permit from the municipality.  Or to prove to local residents that the sound of music or visitors doesn’t exceed the standards. An acoustic research can also form the basis om measures to remedy noise nuisance. KGI has numerous methods to achieve this. Based on the research results we can determine where the noise comes from and offer possible solutions. Feel free to contact KGI for the possibilities.

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Acoustic research activity decree

The Activity Decree contains rules for companies with activities to which the Environmental Management Act applies. Some of these require an environmental permit to start their work. Sometimes it is essential to carry out an acoustic research to obtain an environmental permit. This gives you an overview of the sound the company produces and possible consequences for the environment. The results are published in a clearly written report, which is important for local authorities. KGI is a specialist in carrying out such researches. We can also provide you with all information about environmental permits. Different forms of acoustic research vary in costs. Based on the specific situation we can make an estimate.

Acoustic research zoning plan

An acoustic research can be an important part of a zoning plan procedure. When the destination of a building is changed from home to business. When the destination of a building is changed from house to business, the municipality often wants to know what environmental noises this will cause. An acoustic research can be required to obtain a building permit. The KGI-Groep knows what local authorities want and how they want data presented. Contact us, if you want to make it obtaining building permits easier. You are probably curious about the costs. An acoustic research when changing a zoning plan can vary in costs from researches for other purposes. For more information, feel free to contact us free of obligations. 

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