Noise nuisance neighbours

Neighbours produce one of the most common forms of noise nuisance. This noise nuisance also has the most impact. It significantly influences the private life of those, who suffer from it. Loud music or a high TV-volume can be the cause. It is also possible that the nuisance-causing neighbours don’t disturb you in other situations. A noisy, poorly insulated room can be the cause of the problem. In short, noise nuisance from neighbours can take many different forms. 

Noise nuisance neighbours owner-occupied home

Do you suffer from noise nuisance from neighbours in your apartment or house? If yes, you are part of a large group that suffers from it. So, you are not alone in this and there are many possible solutions. Structural noise nuisance is especially annoying, if you are an owner of the home. You can’t use the options that tenants have, such as calling in the landlord. Solving noise nuisance of neighbours? KGI is a specialist in this field land and a renowned partner for tackling noise nuisance. 

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Noise nuisance neighbours hours

The government devised numerous noise standards. These limit the possibility to produce large amounts of sound. Unfortunately, there are no written laws that specify the hours during which noise nuisance is allowed in neighbourhoods. It is true, that nuisance to neighbours is punishable in many municipalities and often 10.00 pm is used as limit for noise nuisance. It is wise to first discuss the noise nuisance with your neighbours. Calling in an external party or legal aid can be intimidating. The KGI-Groep is more than willing to solve annoying, structural noise nuisance solutions. 

Measuring noise nuisance neighbours

Do you want to measure the noise nuisance of your neighbours? KGI can measure noise nuisance caused by neighbours with noise measuring equipment. We install it in your house for a week and can use it to determine exactly the degree of nuisance and the hours. After this period, we analyze the data and write a report. In this report, you will find a thorough overview of the situation and advice on possible solutions. KGI-Groep is more than willing to discuss this with you. 

Recording noise nuisance of neighbours

It can be useful to record the noise nuisance of your neighbours. It enables you to build up a file and show the situation to the police. This is also important for any legal action. However, you have to be careful with this method. For example, emotions can run unnecessarily high if neighbours discover this. So, listen carefully to our advice. The KGI-Groep has specialized in this field. Feel free to contact us or plan an online consult.

Noise nuisance renovation neighbours

Noise nuisance from handy neighbours is a common problem. The number of lumberyards is growing steadily, just like the number of do-it-yourselfers. Many of them enjoy working with their hands in their spare time. However, they remain hobbyists and often spread the work over a longer period of time. This results into a constant noise for neighbours. It may be useful to discuss this with them. The KGI-Groep is more than willing to assist you. There are many solutions to reduce the noise nuisance of handy neighbours. 

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