Improve acoustics

Do you suffer from reverberation  or other acoustic inconveniences? It is possible to improve the acoustics if you have the right knowledge. The KGI-Groep is a specialist in this field and already improved numerous situations by improving the sound climate in rooms. Sometimes, simple interventions can already achieve a lot. There are different reasons to improve the acoustics of a room. Improving the acoustics in a room can have a strong positive effect on the living conditions. Sometimes such adjustments can also have a lot of impact for professionals. By improving the studio acoustics, you increase the quality of your sound recordings. Feel free to contact the KGI-Groep for more information. 

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Improving acoustics in the living room

Improving the acoustics in a house can have a major impact. A good sound climate provides better living conditions and makes your life more pleasant. So, it is very wise to improve acoustics at home. Unnoticed, a less good sound situation causes a lot of energy and regularly leads to tension. The amplification of noise by, for example, reverberation annoys many people. This can be solved. A specialised partner such as KGI improves the acoustics in your living room in less than no time. Our adjustments don’t have to be expensive, but they do have a great effect. Together with you, we look for improvements. 

Improving acoustics catering industry

To a large extent, the acoustics determines whether visitors of catering establishments will have a good experience. Improving acoustics should therefore be taken seriously. If the room amplifies the buzz of visitors, it can make them less able to understand each other. Reverberation can lead to music being wrongly perceived as loud. Hospitality people who take their business seriously, therefore pay attention to their sound climate. The KGI Groep is happy to assist catering establishments in improving their acoustics. It contributes to a better experience of visitors, who are therefore more likely to return. 

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