Measuring noise pollution from neighbours

If your neighbours cause noise nuisance, it may lead to a lot of irritation. That influences you in your personal life and the only thing you want is experiencing peace. It is therefore understandable that you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The first step can be to determine the exact degree of it. This gives you a clear picture of when the noise nuisance takes place and how strong it is. This is important to be able to take any steps. Your position is much stronger if you can provide conclusively established data. KGI is a specialist in measuring noise nuisance caused by neighbours. 

Measuring noise nuisance decibels

The number of decibels is important in a clear overview of the noise nuisance produced. The higher the measured amount, the stronger the perceived nuisance. Furthermore it is important to monitor the situation for a longer period of time, to gain insight in the noise nuisance within an extended period. After all, it may be temporarily less strong and then increases again. KGI has equipment specially designed for this purpose. It measures the noise nuisance very accurately, which is important. We then present the determined data in a clear and understandable overview. You no longer have to be bothered by the nuisance, without being able to do something. KGI can guide you to get rid of it.

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