Enforcement of noise regulations



An environmental permit often contains noise regulations. The competent authority – usually the municipality – must monitor compliance with this. This is usually done by carrying out noise measurements. The guidelines and methods are laid down in the permit obtained. Are you unsure whether you comply with the regulations? KGI can perform a noise measurement at any time. This prevents a possible reprimand from the government, with all the consequences that entails. We can also help you to meet the requirements for an environmental permit that has yet to be obtained.

Noise regulations activity decree

The activity decree contains rules to combat noise nuisance by companies. It also contains general regulations to protect the environment. The activity decree necessitates conducting acoustic research in some cases. When an establishment i founded or changed, it is sometimes necessary to report this to the municipality. For example when the new establishment entails a ‘very real chance of noise nuisance. In the latter case, it is even mandatory to perform an acoustic research. Make sure you won’t face any surprises. A specialist such as KGI can tell you everything about the regulations. Of course, we also carry out the most careful acoustic researches. 

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Noise regulations catering

A catering permit often states noise regulations. These vary per municipality and regularly even per part of it. In the middle of the city, different rules often apply than in rural area. When setting up a catering establishment in a place that used to be used for other purposes, the municipality or province often requires an acoustic report. The KGI-Groep can prepare this for you and ensure you meet the requirements. Sometimes a catering establishment may exceed the regulations, for example in the case of previously reported festivities. Would you like to know more about noise regulations in the catering industry? Or do you need something else? The KGI-Groep is always willing to help you. 

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