Construction – and Quality assurance




Construction work is regularly performed by a large number of different specialists. They all make their own contribution and this sometimes obscures the view of the overall picture. The KGI-Groep is a renowned partner in construction- and quality assurance. We take responsibility for the delivered quality and planning. We are in contact with many well-known professionals. If you choose the KGI-Groep to monitor construction and quality, you will be fully relieved. We like to take control and are in constant contact with our customers. 

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Quality assurance project

Many people are often involved in a construction project. But, who is in control? Who manages the craftsmen and guarantees the quality of their work? The KGI-Groep manages numerous construction projects and partly unburdens you. Quality assurance is essential to the success of projects, especially complex projects. If this doesn’t take place, you might have to deal with defects and costs later on. You prefer to do it right immediately. Contact the KGI-Groep, to have your construction project carried out in the best possible way. 

External quality assurance

Engaging external quality assurance can make the difference between a successful construction project and one with shortcomings. Shortcomings that are often not immediately visible, but reveal themselves over time. The KGI-Groep ensures that its clients meet the highest quality standards in their construction projects. We are skilled in communicating effectively with the various parties involved. In this way, quality assurance takes place in a pleasant way. In the end, everyone is happy to participate in a successful construction project. The KGI-Groep guarantees this. Feel free to contact the KGI-Groep to leave quality assurance to us. 

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