Building noise conscious

Building noise-consciously for the contractor

KGI attaches great value to high-quality training and education. Sharing knowledge and experience increases the quality of the service and of the installation of noise insulation, in short, of the final result. These are important conditions for successful entrepreneurship. 

The KGI Academy is THE training- and expertise center of the KGI Groep. The KGI Academy is supported by important market parties such as manufacturers and external (training) institutions. Education and certification takes place within the KGI Academy. 

Doel van de training

The training “Sound conscious building” provides the required, general sound knowledge that is necessary to minimize construction errors and to distinguish yourself from competitors.

Noise nuisance is one of the most common residential annoyances. 80% of resident’s complaints are related to noise nuisance. There is 5 billion euros in construction damage every year, which is 7% of the total construction production. 68% takes place during implementation.

W.M. Dudokweg 66
Postbus 33
1700 AA Heerhugowaard

2 half days
15-25 persons
The training is guided by 2 expert trainers
€ 250,- per half day

Content of the training

General sound knowledges
What is sound?

New and existing situations
How does sound ‘work’ and how do we measure it?

Problem recognition and problem solution
Air- and impact noise
How do I recognize sound problems?
Sound conscious building
A solution for every problem?

Requirements and standards
Legal frameworks and requirements

Soundproofing- and acoustic materials
Which materials are available?
Which materials in which application?

Houses and offices
(practice) Floor constructions
(practise) Wall constructions
(practise) Ceiling constructions

Construction errors and consequences
How do I convert noise problems into solutions?
What are the consequences of measured and/or detected noise nuisance for the construction?

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Participant satisfaction
The KGI Academy continuously monitors the appreciation of the participants. The average rating of our participants over the past year is a 8.5 for the content and the structure of the training, the quality of the practical applicability and the quality of the trainers. 

After service included
After the training, you may have to deal with (practical) problems of have questions. After service is always included in our training and you get support by phone or mail from the KGI. 

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